Scientific Method

Scientific Method- Study Design

  • What variables do you need to measure to test your hypothesis 
  • What are your test subjects (limitations, ethical implications, must be matched) 
  • Intervals of measurement (equal, appropriate for study) 
  • pre/post intervention (what data are u getting before and after intervention)  
  • Case-control  
  • Multiple measurement modalities to eradicate any other factors e.g. white coat hypertension 
  • “Proof of concept”- want to go back around the loop to show that you have actually answered the question proposed.  
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Scientific Method Limitations to scientific progre

Limitations to scientific progress 

  • The technology isn't available 
  • The statistics don't work out 
  • Human error 

Before you start an experiment: 

  • Decide what you are going to do 
  • The number and frequency of observations 
  • Familiarisation with the technology 
  • Take additional measurments 
  • Consistency and completeness of the observations 
  • Record any deviations from the proposed protocol
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