Lab Animal Welfare

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  • Lab Animal Welfare
    • The 3Rs
      • Replacement - Methods that avoid or replace use of protected animals
        • E.g. cell cultures, abattoir materials, computer models, invertebrates
      • Reduction - Methods that  minimise animal use
        • Better experimental design, better response measurement, sharing animals/tissues, longitudinal studies
      • Refinement - Improvement to procedures or AH that improve welfare and/or minimise harm
        • Analgesics, handling, environmental enrichment, training
    • Legislation
      • Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act 1986
        • Protects vertebrates in all procedures likely to cause pain, suffering, distress or lasting harm
    • Assessment of Suffering
      • Simple scoring system that assesses appearance, behaviour, food/water intake and action that needs to be taken
    • Cover, Shelter and enrichment
      • Areas for resting, hiding, playing and nest-building
      • Put in social groups and mice very communal
      • Artificial selection and inbreeding has helped to increase social tolerance and reduce variability


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