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What is psycholgy:

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What is psychology?

= a scientific study of the mind and behaviour KARL POPPER- explained science as the application of a science method to gather general evidence which then is used to test a hypothesis. if evidence supports hypothesis then its accepted but if it doesn't support it gets rejected along with the theory

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Key concepts

- OBJECTIVITY.. without bias - CONTROL... control over variables... isolate - PREDICTION... cause and effect - REPLICATION... reliable - FALSIFICATION.. falsifying your hypothesis - OPERATIONAL.. measurable terms

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= a common belief or assumption in a field of science

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= a complex set of interrelated statements that attempt to explain an observed phenomenon. theories are necessary as provide understanding by organising finds and facts and reducing them to a short list on general principles. we should falsify our theory because.. if we prove our null correct and alternate wrong it makes it objective and proves it right

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= a testable statement which makes predictions about what will happen under certain circumstances . we should accept one and reject other NULL HYPOTHESIS.. there will be no significant different in DV between IV 1 AND IV2 and if there is it is due to chance

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= data collected through experiments or observation.. so doesn't reply on argument or belief so open to public scrutiny which minimises bias

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believes that a subject can only be called a science if majority of its workers agree with and work with the common 'global' theory or paradigm. 3 STAGES OF DEVELOPMENT OF SCIENCE: - pre science... subject has no paradigm. only comes science when someone proposes a perspective that seems to explain all the facts and units of the field. - normal science... researches dedicate them self to exploring the paradigm - revolution... when evidence conflicts the paradigm that is rejected and placed by one that accommodate the conflict finding KUHN BELIEVES.. psychology is pre science because there are too many conflicting theoretical approaches and no global underlying theory PALERMO BELIEVES.. psychology has gone through many paradigm shifts

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- believes we should try and falsify... we should try and prove our null correct and pur alternate wrong because it makes it objective and proves it right

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All sciences should be...

PARSIMONY... it should account for all the known facts in as economical way as possible and not go beyond the available empirical evidence. USEFUL AND PRACTICAL .. solving problems and improving the hum condition

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