Triapartite System

  • 1944-1965
  • Students allocated schools based on 11+ Entry Exam
  • Grammar, Secondary Modern and Secondary Technical
  • Criticised for 'Labelling'
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Comprehensive System

  • 1965-Present Day
  • No entrance exam
  • Comprehensive Schools accept all students.
  • Achievement still effected by background however
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Types of School Today

Comprehensive - Run by local council with no entry requrements.

Academy - Not controlled by local council, but by trusts funded by the government

Special School/SEN - Caters for students with additional learning needs.

Free School - Funded by the governments but can be set up and run by any group.

Independent/Fee Paying - Private schools are not run by the government and they charge fees. 7% of the population attend one. Better facilities.

Aternative Provision - Some parents are home-schooled with home-tuition. Illich argures for deschooling = abolishing schools and education.

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Social Class and Education

General Trends - Middle Class students are more likely to do better in education than working class students.

Hasely, Heath and Ridge (1980) - (RM: Face-to-face survey) - Divided social class into service (upper), intermediate and working class. Evidence of social class inequalities in eduaction. Boys from service class are 11x more likely to go to university.

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