Sarajevo Crisis 1914

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  • 28 June, was Serbia's National Day and the visit was an insult to Serbia.
  • Autria-Hungary feared panslavism - the Austrian Army had asked for war with Serbia 25 times.
  • Sarajevo was in Bosnia (province annexed by Austria-Hungary in 1908)
  • In the 1912-13 Balkans Wars, Serbia had grown. Its Prime Minister Pasic said 'The first round is won. Now for the secondround - against Austria.' 
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  • Franz Ferdinand was heir to the thrown of Austria-Hungary.
  • 28 June - Six young Serbs - linked to the Black hand gang - lined up to assassinate him as he drove along the Appel Quay in Sarajevo.
  • Nedeljko Cabrinovic threw a bomb. He missed and was arrested. The Archduke  decided to return home immediately via a different route. 
  • No one told the driver, so turned into Franz Josef Street, then stopped the front of Gavrilo Princip, who shot Franz Ferdinand and Sophie.
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  • The assassination casued horror, but not at first an international crisis (Kaiser went on holiday).
  • Austria provoked the international crisis by sending Serbia an ultimatum in 23 July 1914. 
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  • Caused a sequence of events which resulted in the First World War. 
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