Bosnian Crisis 1908

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  • Tension & rivalry - especially 'Panslavism' (the nationalism which wanted the little nation of the Balkans to be able to rule themselves) and Alliances (espically Russia's alliance with Serbia).  
  • Treaty of Berlin (1878), Austria-Hungary had the right to occupy and administer Bosnia.
  • Turkey was weak and corrupt - 'the sick man of Europe'. in 1908 there was a revolution in Turkey.
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  • 1908, Austria fully annexed Bosnia.
  • Serbia - which had been hoping to get part of Bosnia protested.
  • Serbia called up its army demanded a ***** of land across Bosnia to the Adriatic sea.
  • Serbia was supported by Russia, which proposed a conference.
  • Austria-Hungary, Turkey and Germany said that a Conference wasn't necessary. There was an international crisis. 
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  • There was an international crisis - Germany threatened war.
  • Russia and Serbia were forced to back down and humiliated. Serbia was forced to agree publicly to Austria's annexation.
  • Kaiser boasted that he had stood by Austria 'in shining armour'.  
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  • There was more trouble in the Balkans (Balkans war) in 1912-13.
  • Serbia was furious (Bosnia included many Serbs). This led to the assassination of Sarajavo, 1914.
  • Russia vowed not back down again - which led to Nicholas's decsion to mobilise in 1914.
  • Wilhelm was proud he had helped  Austria - so after Sarajevo he gave Austria a 'blank cheque' .... which helped cause the slide to war in 1914.
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