the events of Sarajevo


where is the cause?

Sarajevo is the capital of which coutntry:

A. Bosnia

B.  Russia

C.  Canada

D. Belgium

Answer: The Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand happened in 1914. It happened in BOSNIA the Sarajevo capital.

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Morocco Crisis 1

The first Moroccan Crisis happened in 1905.  Morocco belonged to France, but Germany wanted Morocco for themselves. So, Kaiser Wilhelm II had to back down. He really wnated it, but didn't get it. It still belonged to France.

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bosnian crises

There was much disagreement in 1908 who owned Morocco. Austro-Hungary became Nationalistic (nationalism, building of  nation, bigger). Serbia and Russia weren't happy. This was linked to the Sarajevo incident 6 years later in June 1914 because the plotters (black hand gang) were serbs.

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