Key Words for edexcel RS: Religion and Society

Key Words that you MUST know for religion and society. Hope it comes in handy!!

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Key Words
Bible: the holy book of Christians which contains 66 books split into the Old
Testament and the New Testament.
Church: The community of Christians, a Christian place of worship
Conscience: an inner feeling of the rightness or wrongness for an action
Situation Ethics: the idea that Christians should base moral decisions on what is the
most loving thing to do in a situation.
Electoral System: the way in which voting is organised.
First-past-the-post: the voting system where whoever gets the most votes wins the
Proportional Representation: the voting system where seats are given as a
percentage of votes.
Local Government: the local council which looks after local issues such as education
and refuse collection.
National Government: the Prime Minister which governs the whole country.
Decalogue: the 10 commandments
Golden Rule: Jesus' teaching, `treat others as they themselves would like to be
Pollution: the contamination of the environment
Greenhouse effect: the trapping of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, which is
thought to increase the earth's temperature.
Acid Rain: pollutants, such as coal smoke, which make acid rain more acidic.
Natural Resources: naturally occurring materials which can be used by humans
Environment: the surroundings in which plants and animals live on and seeped on to
continue living.
Conservation: protecting and preserving the natural resources and the environment.
Creation: the act of creating the universe.

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Key Words
Stewardship: looking after something so it can be passed on to the next generation.
Animal Rights: the belief that animals have rights, which should not be exploited by
World Peace: the basic aim of the United Nations by removing the causes of war.
Nuclear Weapons: weapons based on atomic fission/fusion.
Other weapons of mass destruction: non-nuclear weapons that can destroy large
areas and/or large numbers of people, for example, chemical weapons.…read more


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