Roman Men

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Morning Routine

  • The paterfamilias would get up at dawn.
  • Bedroom had: cubile (bed), arca (clothing chest), lasanum (chamber pot).
  • If a Roman man washed at all, he would wash his face and hands.
  • He would brush his hair with a simple comb.
  • Fashionable to be clean-shaven but Romans attended barvers.
  • Unlikely Romans brushed teeth although Pliny said to "rub the teeth with the ashes of a burnt mouse mixed in honey" to take away smell.
  • They probably slept in their underwear (a simple loin cloth and tunic) so he would slip on another tunic on top.
  • A senator's tunic would have a laticlavium (a broad purple stripe).
  • Worn with belt and reached the knees - any longer would be effeminate.
  • For special occasions, they would wear the famous toga but they were incredibly awkward to keep in place while walking.
  • They were hot and heavy and easy to make dirty.
  • Many emperors wanted people to wear togas but they wore simple tunics.
  • Romans had soleae (slippers) and calcei (outside shoes).
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  • As the working day finished at around midday, the afternoon was dedicated to exercise, entertainment and rest.
  • After a short nap, exercise was carried out at the baths or the Campus Martius.
  • Here, time was spent running, boxing, discus, and javelin.
  • Men also played ball games like trigon - where small, hard balls were thrown in a triangle.
  • After exercise, a bath was taken. Most baths were public as only extremely wealthy Romans could have private baths.
  • They were developed over time and, slowly, became a place to socialise.
  • There were also other forms of entertainment such as chariot racing, theatre and gladiatorial battle which were typically held on public holidays.
  • Gambling also took place in the evenings using dice.
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  • Morning prandium (breakfast) was usually: water and a piece of bread.
  • Afternoon prandium (lunch) was usually: something cold left from cena.
  • By about four in the afternoon, most people would think of cena.
  • They ate while reclined on a coach propped by pillows on their left side.
  • There were three courses:
    • Gustatio (starter) included shellfish, vegetables and snails.
    • Prima Mensa (main course) included several meat dishes with vegetables and sauces.
    • Secunda Mensa (dessert) included fruits and nuts.
  • Wine was served both during and after the meal.
  • Friends were often invited to dinner and 9 people sat around the dinner table.
  • As the Romans ate and drank early, they would go to bed early so they would rise early the next day.
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