Richard II (Shakespeare) Quotations

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  • God's substitute
  • Send them after to supply our wants
  • Dive into their hearts
  • Next degree in hope
  • Fair sequence and succession?
  • Think what you will
  • Quite lost their hearts
  • My power is weak an all ill left
  • Heaven still guards the right 
  • Arm, arm, my name!
  • Puny subject strikes at thy great glory
  • A second fall of cursed man?
  • Richard's seat to sit 
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  • Sacrificing Abel
  • In me regenerate
  • Hast thou made me gaunt
  • His son's son should destory his sons
  • Like the Pelican, hast thou tapped out and drunkenly caroused
  • Against the French, and not against his friends 
  • Both are my kinsmen 
  • That young Mars of men
  • From one most gracious head
  • Too young to be your father 
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  • Gaunt in being old
  • My answer is to Lancaster
  • Rights and royalties pluck'd from my arms
  • King Bolingbroke
  • Know not now what name to call myself 
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  • A jewel in a ten-times-barr'd up chest
  • In my loyal bosom lies his power
  • Three Judases
  • To Bolingbroke are we sworn subjects
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  • 'Tis not the trial of a woman's war
  • Find shapes of grief, more than himself
  • And am I last that knows it?
  • Hads't thou groan'd for him
  • Make way, unruly woman!
  • Shall thy old dugs once more a traitor rear? 
  • Send the king with me
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  • There I'll pine away
  • Of comfort let no man speak!
  • Make a dearth in this revolting land
  • Golden crown like a deep well
  • Salt water blinds them not so much
  • Combating with tears and smiles 
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  • The purest treasure mortal times afford is spotless reputation
  • Patience is pale and cowardice
  • But basely yielded upon compromise
  • Well, somewhat we must do
  • Death will have his day
  • Tell sad stories of the death of kings
  • The Devil take Henry of Lancaster and thee!
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  • By my sceptre's awe, I make a vow
  • Not born to sue but to command
  • The balm off from an anointed king
  • Proud Bolingbroke
  • Like glist'ring Phaeton
  • Over-proud in sap and blood
  • Since pride must have a fall
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