revision of mice and men

revision of mice and men

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  • short sharp sentences
  • always ready to swear
  • sarcastic questionsam
  • American accent


  • small range of vocabulary
  • a lot of pauses for thought
  • repition
  • stutters
  • American accent

description of lennie:

animal comparison. e.g. he put his head in the water and gulped like a horse would, he dragged his feet like a bear drags his paws

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openings scene description

the openings scene describes a place of nature. the use of warm words make it look very positive and nice.

words like: e.g. warm, twinkling, yellow, sunlight, sandy bank, leaves lie deep, so crisp, great skittering, rabbits, brush, sand in the evening, many fires, limb is worn smoothly

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Curley's wife


  • flirtatious
  • pretty
  • 'giving the eye', (immoral unfaithful, will sleep around)
  • tart

First meeting:

  • rouge lips + red nails (all red = passion, danger, sexuality)
  • dressed to impress, exagerating her femenimity
  • wide eyes
  • wearing mules (fine, casual shoes)( they are red with feather on them)
  • lips slighty parted
  • pushes her body out
  • sunlight accenturates her sillhouette

George about Curley's wife: slaps and grabs lennie by the ear like a little kid calls Curley's wife a *****, poison, piece of ********* and a rat trap.

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Curley's wife part 2

Barn (saturday Night):

  • face heavily made up
  • lips slighty parted
  • smiling + breathing heavily
  • blackmails Crooks to lynch him (= hang without trial)
  • racist ( 'bunge of bindle stiffs- a ******, a dum-dum and a lousy old sheep')
  • mean ( treats them like dirt)
  • manipulative
  • sarcastic


  • 'Think i don't like to talk to somebody every once and a while?'
  • 'I could have been in the pictures'
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Curley's wife part 3

Sunday afternoon:

increased understanding; sympathy:

  • 'why can't I talk to you? I get awful lonely!'
  • 'she consoled him, spoke to him soothingly'
  • 'her face grew angry, 'what's the matter with me?''
  • 'I could have made something of myself'
  • her words tumbled out in a passion of cummunication

End picture of Curley's wife:

  • lonely
  • naive, false dreams
  • ambitious
  • married on the rebound; to escape
  • loveless marriage
  • craves tenderness, attention, friendship, etc...
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Curley's wife - after she is killed

How does Curley's wife change after she is killed?

  • after she is killed everything goes quiet, peaceful but with a hint of danger.
  • all the meannes, ache for attention etc false from her face. her face was pretty and simple
  • her hair spread out around her head ( if blonde, would look like a halo -> angel at peace, gone to heaven like)

How does she fit in with the main themes?

  • power: she threatens Crooks
  • she is increadably lonely
  • she is looking for friendship (with Lenny)
  • she is discriminated against because she is a woman
  • she dreams of a better life
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referred by the other as 'the ******' because of his skin colour.

(1930's use) -> not particular racist HOWEVER it was racist then.

Racist society:

  • 'they let the ****** come in that night (for christmas)
  • the boss gives him hell (takes anger out on Crooks)
  • Name Crooks is not his actual name (nickname for his back)
  • Little skinner took after the ******. done a pretty good job too. the guys wouldn't let him use his feet, so the ****** got him. (they let him fight like **** fights for entertainment)
  • the stable buck doesn't give a damn (for the treatment he gets)
  • he reads a lot, got books in his room (educated, got nothing else to do)
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Crooks part 2

Second meeting (saturday night: lenny meets)

  • crooks is skilled, permanent
  • his possesions: several pair of shoes, alarm clock, books ( dictionary + california swal code (=law book) -> ironic becausehe doesn't aply for these laws because he is black)
  • superior, educated
  • proud
  • aloof (=keep himself to himself) -> doesn't like socialising

Describtion of Crooks:

  • nice man but also normal, a man that can get angry and mean sometimes -> he enjoys upsetting Lennie by letting him imagine he's alone like he is.
  • his lonliness makes him cruel ( just like Curley's wife)

his tone to lenny:                                                                                                  tone of voice changes from mean; distant and short to kind and softens.

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Crooks part 3

he's got the same dreams as Lennie (the ranch) which he had when he was young. he wasn't lonely, he had his (black) family. but now, he's on the ranch, discriminated and wishes he had a place like that again for himself.

Crooks is coldy realistic about 'the dream'. nobody is going to get it, no one goes to heaven. ( the ranch is a place every worker dreams off. to them it is like heaven. they think that when they die, they will go to a place like that.

Crooks is bitter because he used to have 'heaven; the dream'.

crooks gets his hopes up. he is conveyed they are going to get it. he gets drawn into it because of the detail and the power of the story but also because he is desperate to get out. and this would be an amazing oportunity for him as he knows that Lennie is not a racist because he doesn't understand racism. therefor he would be treated equally.

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Crooks part 4

Curley's wife comes in and reminds Crooks about the real world. she pushes him back. Crooks makes himself really small, into nothing and goes hard again. back in his lonely horrible life.

Crooks offers to work on their dream land but when they leave he says to Lennie and George that he didn't meant what he had said, he was just fooling and that he wouldn't want to go to a place like that anyway.

-> he gets his defences back up and conveys himself it's not going to happen.

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Master craftsman, moves with a majesty, dresses like everyone else but he is far more important and highly appreciated.

The writer overexagerates about what he can do to make him more goddes.

  • 'There was a gravity in his manner' -> serieus, mature. OR he is the gravity- everyone comes to him, he is the centre
  • 'a quiet so profound that all talk stopped when he spoke, his authority so great that his word was taken on any subject. be it politics or love.'
  • his face was ageless -> some sort of bible figure
  • 'his ear heard more than was said to him and his slow speech had overtones not of thought but of understanding beyond thought.
  • 'his hands slom and lean, were as delicate in their action as those of a temple dancer.'
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Dogs Death

dog is really important to Candy as he had him a long time. he doesn't want to shoot him. slim gives his opinion that it's the best to be done. his opinions are law. so he gives in. after a while when carlson leads the dog out, he looks hopelessy at Slim for reverse but he gave him none.

Carlson is angry because he lost horseshoe against Crooks. That's why he takes it out on the dog and Old Candy. he gives altruistic reasons but it is actually more for selfish reasons. So he offers to shoot the dog. just because he wants to shoot something.

Outside it gets dark. It's night -> makes it more dramatic

all the details about the gun and the place in the neck of the dog is told then so in the end it doesn't ruin the end when it gets back of Lennie's death.

When the others are waiting for the gun shot, the silence falls into the room. -> they say things to break the awkward silence. e.g. about the rat under the floor.

Once it's done real life starts again like nothing has happened.

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Dog's Death part 2

Old Candy complains to George:

'I should've no let no stranger kill my dog'       

  •  Carlson did it to take out his anger 
  • Candy doesn't know for sure Carlson did it right
  • it is sort of saying goodbye which he didn't really do
  • it was his dog, his responsabilty

For/ against killing Lennie:

  • For (selfish): George will have it easier without him
  • For (Altruistic): he needs to be killed before Curly will torture him because he lost in a fight, slim said he had to do it
  • Against: Lennie is loyal to George, George would be lonely without Lennie as a friend
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Last Chaptre

Describtions of the pool (as in the first chaptre) but this time negative as it is forshadowing what is going to happen next.

Late afternoon - sun going down - the light is abandonning the place

'A watersnake turns his head like a periscope' -> snake is associated with pain, horribleness

Echo of Curley's wife's death with the snake eating, leafs are dying, wind is dying

Lennie's lips barely touch the water as he drinks -> lennie is precautious, colder, he realises something bad has happened..

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