Controlling pollutent gases, CFCs, Ozone depletion, etc.

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Controlling air pollution

Catalyic Converter

2NO + 2CO -----> N2 + 2CO2

  • As CO and NO gas molecules diffuse over the catalyic surface. Some molecules are absorbed onto the metal surface.


  •  This weakens the bonds and lowers activation energy


  • Then after the reaction, the CO2 and N2 products are desorbed from the surface and diffuse away from the catalyic surface.
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Solutions to the greenhouse effect

Carbon Capture and Storage

Methods of CCS include:

  • Storage in geological formation such as underground porus rocks and old gas and oil fields
  • Reaction with metal oxides to form carbonates. Eg -

          CaO + CO2 ------> MgCO2

Problems - Very slow reaction  


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