Green chamistry

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  • Green Chemistry
    • Removal of lead
      • lead is removed because it is poisonous to humans in injested   
      • It is also a finite substance so this was very wasteful use of lead
      • Titanium or Zinc is used in pain, fueal are unleaded and electronics uses Copper or Tin
      • These are used to replace CFC's in fire extinguishers because CFC's are dangerous
      • These are highly biodegradable so break down easily
    • Liquid carbon dioxide
      • Used in dry cleaning to reduce the toxins released
      • It is a lot safer from the tetrachloroethene used before as it doesn't cause cancer
      • This is a good way of diposing of some of the stored carbon dioxide produces from other reactions
    • Renewable fuels
      • Renewable fuels take the resource that are readily available and uses them as fuels
      • They also mean that there is fewer hazardous chemical released into the air
      • These are fues that will never run out where as fossil fuesl are finite
      • The only product from these fuels is water and this can be used in other areas
    • Increased recycling
      • This ensure we only use the resource we have available so they are not waster in land fill
      • You can recycle these products multiple times not just once
      • This means we only have to use the chemicals used to create these products once


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