Green Chemistry

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Green Chemistry
Chemical processes have to have a good percentage yield and atom economy.
Percentage Yield
Percentage yield (%) = Actual yield
----------------------------- x 100 %
Theoretical yield
Atom Economy
Atom economy (%) = mass of atoms in desired product
---------------------------------------------- x 100 %
Mass of atoms in reactants
Maximising atom economy
Designing synthetic methods to maximise all materials used in the process into the final product. You
could increase the atom economy also if a viable use could be found for the product, it would
become a desired product rather than waste. The benefits of having a high atom economy is that less
waste products are produced and reduced cost of processing wastes. There is also a lower mass of
reactants and less fuel is needed.
Using renewable resources
Using resources such as plant-based substances or solar energy instead of using finite resources,
such as fossil fuels, that will eventually run out.
Saving money
Companies will save more money from not having to treat hazardous waste, or by using fewer
chemicals or less energy (using catalysts)
Preventing waste
Preventing any waste in the first place, so time and money is not spent on cleaning up later.
Recycling and biodegradability
At the end of their use, materials should be recycled, or easily broken down in the environment into
harmless substances.


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