Resistance- Owen Sheers

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Sarah Lewis

  • Important character in book
  • Mens departure is observed through her eyes
  • Wary/ fearful due to inexperience and youth
  • Struggles to accept help as war is something that taken Tom from her, someody she relied on
  • Dependant on Maggie, but becomes more independant/depedant on Albrecht near end of novel. makes final decisions on her own
  • Hopeful, never accepts Tom is gone for good- writes letter to him in her diary that he can read when he gets back
  • Naive- less willing to accept the inevitable
  • Strong and determined when facing germans- detrmination not to collaborate andto stay loyal to Tom
  • Self- suffiecent, fairly able to run the farm on her own
  • Reflects on past to remind herself of him. Wears his clothes etc.
  • Feels guilty that she wants him back when he is being patriotic. also guilty when relationship forms with Albrecht.
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Maggie Jones

  • Most senior of woman
  • Leader and Mother figure
  • First to understand men have left and why- guesses their role as insurgents (countrymans diary) and in turn understands that secrecy is vital and for their own protection. instructs other woman as to how to act.
  • Pragmatist- accepting help is sensible thing to do- desnt see it as collaboration
  • Albrechts female equivalent- negociates with him- realtionship built on trust and respect
  • Final act of taking Glyndwr to the fair with Alex is to protray her love for William, her husband, however ends peace in the valley because of Georges reaction and leads to Maggies downfall and reversed roles when Sarah finds herself looking after Maggie.
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Albrecht Wolfram

  • Intelligent, well-educated (at Oxford)- allows him to make good relationshids with women as he speaks fluent english
  • Comfortable with his role responsibilty and authority- strong sense of duty and is a natural leader
  • Men in his patrol trust him 
  • Sometimes misuses his power as he manipulates others
  • Honest- doesnt lie at the end pretending they will be safe in the valley
  • Thoughtful- brings Srah gramaphone on her birthday- to give company and comfort whilst Tom absent.
  • Determined to do what he thinks is right can lead to dishonesty- staying in the valley beleives people like Otto need the rest
  • Shows empathy- also a victim of war- lost parents and fiance in bombing raid
  • Polite and respectful- at the start puts him at a distance, behaviour unexpected as germans are occupying Britain
  • Can be ruthless- orders shooting of Tommy Atkins- however maybe an act of kindness seeing as he has already been tortured
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George Bowen

  • Patriotic-will do anything for country- glad to have responsibilty as medical stopped him from joining up- something he recieves -ve comments about
  • Finds it difficult to be thought of as lazy/cowardly
  • Feels betrayed when valley accepts germans
  • Shoots Glyndwr- leads to ending of novel
  • Resists will to shoot Maggie out of anger towards her as a collaborator. 
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German soldiers


  • Chosen for his laugh
  • War hasnt affected him mentally
  • Falls in love with Bethan                                           Stenier                                                                                                                                                                      - Patrotic- reveals patrol in the valley at the end of novel  Sebald                                                                       - Radio operator
  • Medic, experienced                                                    - Concern they are not being good solidiers
  • Calm under pressure- responds to trauma                - Not as disillsioned as others- not as involved with war- new 
  • Supports Albrecht                                                        - Result of Nazi brainwashing young- commited Nazi   


  • Honest
  • Natural empathy for horses- reminds him of his previous life- lead to collaboration with Maggie.
  • Chosen because he deserved the chance to recuperate


  • Doesnt speak much- broken man- traumatised by manning machine gun and killing so many
  • Relates to Edith who also victim of war through her son being killed in training- helps her develop peace
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Women of Olchon valley

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