Wilfred Owen

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  • Wilfred Owen (1893-1918)
    • personal life
      • born ion Oswestry, Shropshgire
        • educated at Birkenhead institute and Shrewsbury Technical Collage
          • at age 19 he knew he wanted to be a poet and immured himself in poetry
            • impressed by shelly and keats
              • he wrote almost nothing of importance until he saw action in France 1917
      • committed christian he became lay assistant to the vicar of dunsden 1911-1913
        • he feat pressured propaganda to become a solderer and volunteered 21/19/1915
          • within a week he was on the front line in a cattle wagon
            • within a few days he had experienced gas attacks and was horrified by the stench of rotting bodies
              • he wrote home 'the people of England needn't hope. they must agitate.'
                • he dodged bullets untill the last week of the war but had been through alot of front line action. he had been blown up, concussed and suffred shell-shock
                  • he met Siegfried Sassoon who inspired him to develop his war poetry
                    • in October 1918 he won the military cross by seizing German machine -gun
    • on November 4th 1918 he was shot and killed near the village of ors.


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