Winter swans by owen sheers

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  • Winter Swans-Owen Sheers
    • From "silent and apart" to "swum the distance between us"
    • "Which we walked" is harsh staccato alliteration which develops to "slow-stepping" on "shingle and sand", with elongated vowel sounds and sibilance showing harmony
    • "Like boats righting in rough weather" simile conveys resilience in the relationship's buuoyancy
    • Structure: irregular tercets and rhyme scheme shows a disjunct relationship however final couplet represents a harmonious pairing again "like a pair of wings settling after flight"
    • Context: From a collection of poems called 'Skirrid Hill' which is Welsh for Shattered Mountain, showing that the poem presents ideas of separation
    • Structure: Linear structure shows development of acceptance in the relationship. We see how they "swum the distance between us"
    • Swans are metaphorically compared to "icebergs" showing that: a) a lot isn't being said       b)they are still stable      c) they are resilient as they are juxtaposed with "white" against "the dark water"
    • However "porcelain" conveys to a certain degree, a sense of delicacy and fragility in the relationship
    • "They mate for life" is first dialogue which breaks the silence. Links to Loves Philosophy
    • "The afternoon light" shows a harmony in relationship
    • "Waterlogged earth gulping for breath" The personification suggests they were struggling to survive and they reached their limit of arguing
    • Verb"skirted" shows an avoidance of problems


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