religious study: unit 3.1 The main features of a Catholic upbringing&how it may lead to belief in God

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3.1: Main features of a Catholic upbringing&how it

The main features of a Catholic upbringing:

Catholic parents are more like to:

- have their babies baptised

- promise to bring up their children to believe in God&be good Catholics

- teach their children to believe in God

- teach their children to pray to God

- take their children to mass where they learn to wroship God

- send their children to a catholic school

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catholic upbringing

How it may lead to support in God:

- their parents would have told them about God&they will believe their parents

- Catholics pray to God, so they will believe that God exists because their parents would not waste their time praying to nothing.

- seeing so many people worshipping God when they go to Mass will make them believe that God exists.

- they will be taught that God exists when they go to school&will believe it because their teachers will tell them it's true.

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evaluation questions:

-  Catholic uprbinging helps to keep a family together as parents&children join together for Catholic activities.

-  gives children an understanding of what is right&wrong&give them good morals

-  gives children a sense of belonging and community giving them emotional stability.

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people who think Catholic upbringing is a bad thin

evaluation questions:

-  children are brought up in a religion they have not chosen themselves.

-  takes away a child's human right to freedom of religion.

-  works against community cohesion making children think followers of other religions are wrong.

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