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Module Matters of Life and Death

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Matters of life and death

Define euthanasia

  • ending someone whos in pain life painlessly
  • illegal in UK
  • Islam is against this, test of faith
  • Evangelical Protestants are against it, Sanctity of life
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Matters of life and death

Define abortion

  • the removal of the feotus before it can survive outside the womb
  • UK law is no later then 24 weeks
  • prochoice support this
  • Evangelical protestants are against it
  • Law got moved down from 28 weeks in...(tbc)
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Matters of life and death

Define immortality of the soul

  • the belief that the soul lives on after the death of the body
  • Church of england belief this as it removes problems of the body being resurrected
  • jesus said to the robber that his soul will go to paradise
  • will be judged on the Last day of judgement
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Matters of life and death

Define ressurection of the body

  • the belief that after the death the body will rise again
  • ..on the Last day of judgement
  • evangelical belief
  • e.g Jesus was resurrected
  • Isam also beliefs this, so they are not allowed to be organ donators
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