Religious upbringing-Believing in God

Mindmap to show how and why Christians raise their families into believing in God

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  • Religious upbringing
    • Why children are raised within religion
      • Christians believe it's their duty to raise a family in the Christian faith
      • Christians feel religion gives children a secure basis and helps through difficulties
    • How are they encouraged into religion?
      • Baptism:  Child is welcomed into church with family and friends around
      • School: Parents may choose for their children to attend a church school
      • Parents' examples: If parents pray/go to church/read Bible Children will be more likely to as well
      • Worship:  Services, Sunday school and festivals all teach about God, Jesus and the Church
      • Confirmation: A child is encouraged to renew baptism vows when they're old enough to choose for themselves
      • Community: Young Christians can meet and feel belonging and acceptance through Bible studies, youth groups, prayer meetings etc


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