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Matters on Life and Death
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Matters of life and death

Define abortion

  • The removal of the foetus from the womb before it can survive
  • The UK laws do not allow abortion after 24 weeks
  • Roman Catholics do not permit abortion at all, as they believe life begins at conception
  • Islam do not allow abortion unless the mothers life is at risk, but this most be before 120 days i.e Ensoulment
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Matters of life and death

Define Prolife

  • Groups that support the foetus' right to live
  • They want abortion banned
  • Usually Roman Catholics
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Matters of life and death

Define Pro-choice

  • Group of people who support the mother's right to choose
  • 70,000 wome die each year due to 'back-street' abortions
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Matters of life and death

Define Voluntary Euthanasia

  • Ending life painleslessy when someone in great pain asks for death
  • Euthanasia is illegal in England
  • Switzerland allows Euthanasia
  • Exodus "Thou shall not kill" Roman Catholic and Evangelical Protestants
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Matters of life and death

Define Non-Voluntary Euthanasia

  • Ending someone's life painlessly when they are unabale to ask, but you have a good reason to think they would want you to do so
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Matters of life and death

Define immortality of the soul

  • The belief that the soul lives on after the death of the body
  • Both Protestants and the Church of England believe this
  • Communion of Saints
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