Religious Policy Mary



  • Members polit elites benefited financially from aquisition monastic land- had no desire surrender 
  • Prot attracted adherents from London & the S
  • 800 flea country from polit elites→ centres European Prot e.g. Geneva
  • 80 MPs voted AGAINST repeal Edwardian legisl
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Heresy Act 1554

  • 289 Prots burnt at stake 
  • 21 clergymen burnt 
  • Majority burnings in S-E England
  • Deaths brought widespread public sympathy 
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Foxe's Book of Martyrs

  • Image of'Bloody Mary' destroying inevitable advance Prot 
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Parliamentary Sessions

1st Parliament 1553 

  • Repealed ecclesiastical laws made in Ed's reign
  • Restored order of service as had been suring HVIII reign
  • Reversing Ed legisl not alter legal status of CoE
  • - M rely on parliamentary legisl secure reversal royal supremacy 
  • - acknowledge superiority STATUTE LAW over divine law- going against findamental beliefs 

2nd Parliament 1554

  • Legal action against Prot clergymen 
  • Initially rejected reintro heresy laws
  • - but agreed when former monastic lands not restored church ownership 

3rd Parliament 1554-55

  • Issue of ex-monastic land- land not be restored to church
  • Julius & Pole's insistence on submitting to Rome before dispensation= impossible 
  • - land be in hands of Rome 
  • insisted church submit & dispensation be awarded to landowners on individual basis  
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Monastic Land Issue

  • Pole's grudging attitude on church property made him object of suspicion among landowners- reputation unable recover 

Nature & argument between Pole's & M's councillors 

  • Pole insisted civil rulers no right dispose church property
  • M threatened abdicate (although bluffing) 


  • Statute repeal include papal dispensation
  • - parl request for forgiveness for monastic property- owners rejected
  • Reconciliation delayed & vital time lost before Cath finalised 

Matters get worse

  • Pope Julius III dies 1555- succeeded by anti-spanish Paul IV
  • Mary at war with papacy- Paul IV suspicious of Pole
  • Paul IV's attitudes to Pole shown when withdrew legitime commission 1557- Pole no longer supervise church 
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  • Success depend on commitment at parish level
  • Difficult in the S
  • Places in the N already Cath

Legatine Synod 1556-57

  • Bishops reside in  diocese, preach & oversee religious life in parishes 
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  • Prots gained more than lost by being subject to persecution 


  • By 1588 majority people England still undecided about religion


  • Marian reconstruction Cath= success 
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