Religious Issues under Charles I

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Charles I's Religious Views

Naturally drawn toward high-church practices, he inherited a suspicion of Puritanism and with many of his opponents in P being drawn from this end of the spectrum, it was only natural that conflict would emerge over the direction of the CoE. 

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Promotion of Arminianism

CI demonstrated close association with Arminianism and Catholicism 1625-29/ 

  • 25, Arminian cleric Montagu was defended by CI when he argued that Calvinist beliefs were incompatible with the Church (A new Gag for an Old Goose - Pamphlet he wrote) 
  • Montagu was appointed CI's personal chaplain. 
  • 28, Montagu appointed Bishop of Chichester at the death of Carleton who was known for possessing anti-Arminian views. 
  • High-profile royal chaplain Maynwaring appointed in 26, a firm supporter of absolutism and claimed CI had the right to collect the forced loan as it was given to him by God and P didn't need to be consulted over taxation. 
  • 26, CI issued a proclamation that forbade the public discussion of sensitive religious topics; aimed at silencing Puritan critics. 
  • Archbishop of Canterbury, Abbot, suspended in 27 for refusing to grant an Arminian sermon. 
  • Arminians such as Howson (Bishop of Oxford) were supported by CI, Howson had been in conflict with Abbot over predestination. 
  • William Laud, most influential Armininian, appointed to the PC in 28 when he became Bishop of London. 
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York House Conference (1626)

Religious conference at the Duke of Buckingham's home in Feb. Arminians pitted against Puritans and it only served to harden CI's views. 

  • Both clergy and laymen were represented. 
  • Primary aim was to resolve the dispute between the two. 
  • Second aim to defend Montagu from prosecution against the HoC. 
  • Buck made it clear he sided with Arminians, their arguments had royal backing. 
  • CI showed contempt for the Puritan opposition by refusing to attend. 
  • Puritan MPs were infuriated by Buck's support of the Arminians. 
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