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Religious Changes in Scotland and the end of the Personal
Religious Changes in Scotland 1625 1640
Charles' Early Reign

Most Scots were Presbyterian. Scottish churches called the Kirk and for many scots their
church was their identity. James I restored Bishops to Scotland in 1618 through the articles

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The congregations in Scotland reacted badly to the new prayer book. One bishop felt he had
to conduct services with two loaded pistols in each hand in the pulpit.

Charles brought matters to a head by issuing a proclamation making protests against the
new prayer book an act of treason…

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The war

Nonevent really. Charles had 20,000 unexperienced men while Scotland had 12,000 trained
soldiers. They never met in Battle.

Treaty of Berwick June 1639

A Scottish parliament was to meet and both sides would demobilise

Recall of Wentworth

Wentworth was recalled to sort out Charles problems and became the…

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Stratford (Wentworth) advised Charles "Go on with a vigorous war, loose and absolved from
all rules of government you have an army in Ireland you may employ it here to reduce this
kingdom" ­This was a Catholic army Stratford was suggesting.

Charles had confiscated (gold and silver coinage from English…

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The responsibility of the failures during the 11 years Tyranny

House of Commons failure to allocate adequate finance for Charles
Charles driving Arminianism as a way of trying to introduce Catholicism through the
back door (as seen by the country)

Fundamental difference

Divine right of kings VS Parliamentary privilege…


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