Religion and morality

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Religion and Planet Earth

CONSERVATION: To look after the natural enviroment.

STEWARDSHIP:  Idea that people are in charge of something for somebody else should care for it.

ACID RAIN: Rain containing acid formed from industrial waste.

SANCTITY OF LIFE: Belief that life is precious because it comes from God therefore should not be taken away by any person.

CONSVERATION where they work or have holidays where they tryto protect an area or species. This might include planting trees or declaring an area a nature reserve - Borneo, to protectthe orang-utans.

CHRISTIAN TEACHINGS: Humans in charge of creation - "stewardship" ' The earth is the Lords and everything in it."BUDDHIST: 1st Precept - "I will not harm any living being ""As people alive today we must consider future generation" - DALIA LAMA "Monks and nuns may not destroy any living plant or tree.

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Religion and Animal Rights

VIVISECTION - Experimentation on living animals for scientific research

REINCARNATION - The rebirth of a soul into a new body.

MODIFICATION AND CLONING - This is about taking the DNA  of an animal, changing it and creating new forms of species to help medicine e.g use of pigs hearts in transplants.BEING VEGITARIAN- Many people don't eat meat it is usally to do with their health,upbringing, religion and concerns about farming methods e.g 1. Don't like the taste 2. Allergic 3. All living beings have soul 4. Should respect life 5. Belief in non-violence 6. Don't like the thought of how animals are treated

CHRISTIAN VIEWS: Humans are in charge of creation  - "stewardship" "The earth is the Lords and everything in  it." "Are not five sparrows sold for two pennies? Yet not one Sparrow is forgotten by God".

BUDDHIST VIEWS: "Right living" 1st precept. Animals are part of samsara

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Religion And Early Life


To show love for each other, To continue family, To fulfil religious duty


Women has a genetic disease, Women has cancer, ****


"God chose me even befor i was born" You are Gods temple, if anyone destroys Gods temple, he will destroy you"


Abortion is the same as taking the life of a living being." Dalai Lama "It depends on the intention behind the action"

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Religion And Young People

MARGINALISATION: The social process of pushing a group of people to the edge of soceity.

SECULAR SOCEITY: A soceity without religion

CHRISTIAN VIEWS "Even a child is known by his action" " Let the little children come to me do not hinder them"

BUDDHIST VIEWS "What we think we become" "Support your children to become generous and compassionate." The Three Refugees

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