Religion & Citizenship


Religion & Relationships

Key Terms

Responsibility: The legal or moral duty which a person has

Marriage: A legal union between a man and woman

Commitment: A promise to be faithful 

Vows: Promises made by a couple to be faitful to each other

Chasity- A commitment not to have sexual intercourse until marriage

Fidelity- Keeping loyal to one sexual partner 

'Honour your father and mother' 

'You shall not commit adultery' 

Storge  - Affection, for things and animals       Philia - Love of friends and family, a stronger bond between people

Eros- Sexual love                                             Agape - Unconditional love, given freely and unreservedly

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Religion & Relationships

Sex before marriage

C of E and Roman Catholic- unmarried couples SHOULD NOT have intercourse- 'whoever sins s*xually, sins against their own body' - St Paul 

Sex before marriage is forbidden in the Qur'an

The Silver Ring thing- a Christian organisation- encouraging young people to save intercourse until marriage


Artificial: Pill, diaphragm, condom

Natural: Avoidiing intercourse at the most fertile time of the month 

Roman Catholic and Orthodox church- artifical methods go against natural law. God'a purpose for marriage is to reproduce and anything that prevents this is going against God's will. 

Anglican and Methodist- Agree with contreception as a way of allowing couples to plan their family.

Most Muslims accept contrecption if both partners agree/if the wife's life is at risk/ to prevent serious financial difficulty. No contreceptive methods that may cause abortion (pill). 

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Religion & Relationships

The Marriage Ceremony 

Christian Wedding- Usually in a church (want God to be part of the cermony). Hymns, prayers and extracts of the bible are read. The exchanging of vows- couple make promises by exchanging rings. Marriage is seen as a covenant agreement- should not be broken.                             

Muslim Wedding- Believed that the whole family should assist finding the right partner. When the partner is find the couple met and decide whether they are compatible. (Arranged marriage). A dowry is arranged- a sum of money paid to the bride, belonging to the wife to keep if they should ever get divorced. Ceremony (Nikah) and can take place at home or in the mosque. Reed chapters of the Qur'an, agree to the dowry, exchange vows and sign a contract. 

Civil Partnerships

Christians- Gay couples shouldn't marry as marriage is for reproduction. 'From the beginning He made them male and female'.

Quakers have been welcoming sam- sex unions for almost two decades. 

In some Muslim countries homosexual acts are punishable by death. 

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Religion & Relationships


Christianity and Islam both strongly dissaporve of Adultery


C of E- Last resort and must be for a very good reason. May not re-marry a divorced person in church.

Roman Catholic- Not God's intention and is breaking wedding vows. 

Islam- Sometimes as a last resort 'of all the things that are permissible, divorce is the most hated by Allah' The family should try to keep the family together. 

Religious communities can help by: 

  • Offering help and advice
  • Praying for the couple
  • Older and more experienced couples can offer support
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