RE Gcse Unit 4 Community Cohesion

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Unit 4 Community Cohesion

4.1 Government action to promote community cohesion

The government has put in place measures and legislation to promote community cohesion and prevent prejudice and discrimination. The actions from the government include the following:

Funding for local authorities- Youth projects, schools etc

Support with translation- Learning English language

Information packs for new migrants- Set out their rights/responsibilities

Citizenship days throughout the UK

Community Cohesion is also promoted by schools and non governmental groups

4.2 Changing attitudes to women in the UK

Key Dates

1913- Suffragette Emily Davison threw herself under a horse

1918- Women over 21 allowed to vote

1928- Women over 31 allowed to vote

First and Second World wars- Women undertook activities normally completed by men thus demonstrating their capabilities

1945- Men returned from war and women lost jobs

1950's- Government encourages women to have families rather than work

1960's- Contraceptive pill introduced allowing women to plan when they wanted families

1970- Equal pay act- Women paid the same as men for doing the same job

1975- Sex discrimination act- An act passed meaning it was illegal to discriminate against someone because of their gender or marital status

1979- Margaret Thatcher becomes PM

However, inequality between men and women still exists today

4.3 Equal rights for women in the church

Who: Traditional Evangelical Protestants

What: Men should be head of the family and women shouldn't be ministers or preists


They believe that the Bible is the unalterable word of God

St Paul's statements in the Bible about women not being allowed to speak in the church

Who: Liberal Christians and many Protestants

What: Men and women should have equal roles in life and women should have equal rights in religion

Why:St Paul said' There is neither... Male or Female for you are all one person in Jesus,

Jesus treated women as equals and had women followers

Jesus's women followers were the first people to see him when he rose from the dead

Jesus chose men as his apostles because of culture of the time

Who: Roman Catholics

What: Men and women should have equal roles and equal statuses in the eyes of God but only men can become preists


Jesus chose only men to be his successor

Jesus was a man

4.4 The UK as a Multi-Ethnic society

The UK is a Multi-Ethnic society as it is made up of many different races, cultures and nationalities living together. Currently, over 7/8 of the population are white British. 

Advantages of a Multi-Ethnic Society:

It helps different…


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