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The Recruitment process goes like this:

  • Job has become available
  • Job description and personal specification are designed
  • Job advert is published
  • Applicatin pack which includes (Job description, Personal satisfaction, Company information and application form which informs you about the information about how to apply)
  • Applications come in
  • Team of management will need to short list
  • Need to have either at a testing centre, a face to face interview or a telephone interview
  • Short listed or the candidate is offered the job. If there is no candidate to offer the job to, the process starts again. If there is a candidate:
  • The contract is signed by the employer and employee
  • Finally the induction training takes place
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Types of training - Induction training- this is for brand new employees and gives an outline of there daily job, this makes them feel part of the business sonner rather than later.

Off the job training

  •  can be more efficient inb the long term
  • it is expensive however
  • New ideas for the organisation can be made
  • Takes place away from the place of work

On the job training

  • Cheap
  • Cuts corners and head to wastage and inflation
  • No new ideas coming into the business however
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Reasons to train

The reasons for training are:

  • It motivates the businesses staff
  • Makes people feel valued
  • Increases productivity
  • Makes the business more efficient
  • Reduces labour turnover - the amount of people leaving the business
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