reactions of halogenoalkanes

a list of the different reactions and results of the reactions of halogenalkanes

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halogenoalkanes are more reactive then alkanes

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This is because halogenoalkanes have a polar bond and because the C-X bond in halogenoalkanes is weaker then the C-H bond in alkanes

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Hydrolysis: (replacing C-X with C-OH)

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they are hydrolysed when reacted with ethanoic sodium hydroxide solution to form alcohols.

This reaction is Neutrophilic.

Reactivity increses down the halogen group

In this reaction even OH or H2O behave as the nucleophile

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with Ammonia: (Nucleophile stronger than water)

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they react with ammonia when heated under pressure with ethanoic ammonia to form primary amines and HX.

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Formation of nitriles: (R-C=N)

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They react with Cyanide when refluxed with ethanalic KCN or ethanoic NaCN to form nitrile.

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elimination reaction

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they under go an elimination reaction where a hydrogen halide is eliminated when refluxed with ethanoic sodium hydroxide. there by forming an alkene.

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