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Our world revison notes

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Creation - God's making of the world for a purpose. A unique design, planned by a maker.

Stewardship - To guard over something for the real owner. A God given responsibility to manage or control the earth.

Soul - The part of human nature that is not physical. It will live on after the body has died and is a reflection of 'the image of God' in human beings. It is the part of humans that allows people to relate to God.

Environment - The surrounds in which we live for which religions teach we are responsible. The natural world all about us - plants animals and humans which believers see as Gods creation.

Humanity - The way in which human beings have compassion for other people. Being kind to people. Religious believer do this through prayer and actions because they believe God wants them to live this way.

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Key words

Revelation - Humans are created in God's image, capable of religious behaviour and beliefs; have a conscience; and are in possession of the soul.

Morality - A sense of right and wrong values.

Intelligence - The ability to think and reflect; to apply knowledge and learning to reason.

Language - The ability to read and write languages; use of learnt languages.

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What are our influences

  • Family
  • Friends
  • Neighbours
  • Books
  • TV
  • Music
  • Fashion
  • Advertising
  • Religion
  • Culture
  • Community
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What Makes us Human?

  • C - compassion for others
  • R - revelation
  • I - intelligence
  • L - language
  • M - morality
  • H - humanity
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Using our Talents

Everybody has talents, things that are good at doing. These are certain skills or abilities that they have.

  • Some say God gave you the talent, you should use it.
  • Some use their talents for nothing out of deep feeling about humanity
  • "I believe Godf gave me musical ability. When I play the piano it is both worship and witness to others."
  • "Jesus taught it is important to show compassion, so i use my caring talent to look after the elderly."
  • "It is my duty to serve God, and use my talent as a lawyer to bring justice to the world."
  • "It is my mitzvah or duty to use the talents God has given me to carry out good deeds"
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