RE Key Words (Units 1 to 4)

Topic key words for the four year 10 topics in Re.

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Making something deliberately for a purpose. Most religions teach that the world was created by God for a purpose.

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Being in charge of the world for God. Some religions teach that God gave humans a responsibility to manage the world on his behalf.

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The natural world all around us: plants, insects, animals and humans. Most relgiions believe that God created the world and everything in it.

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Caring for other human beings. Most religions teach that it is expected that human beings will care for each other, and show kindness to others.

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The part of humans that lives on after the body has died. Some religions teach that there is a spiritual side of life, which lives on after physical death. 

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To look after and care for the world. Most religions teach that humans have a God given responsibilty to look after the world.

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Means a right or power over others. For relgious believers this could be a person such as a priest or the teachings from a sacred text. 

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Means unfairness. This could be becuase there is no equality of provision or opportunity or where human rights are ignored, for example imprisionment without trial.

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Means being treated the same way and not being discriminated against. For religious believers, this is becuase all humans have been created in the image of God and therefore deserve the same respect.

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Means judging another person before you know anything about them, or have any evidence. This could be because of their skin, race or religion.

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Means treating people differently becuase of race, gender, religoon or class. For example, refusing to give a person a job becuase of the colour of their skin, and therefore, failing to them as fellow human beings. 

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