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This reviews the thoughts and viewpoints of different religions on the big argument of homosexuality.

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They AGREE TO AN EXTENT. Only RELATIONSHIPS within the same sex are considered sinful! They believe that homosexuals should be celibate. Also they CONDEMN homophobia!

  • The BIBLE has forbidden relationships of the same sex to occur as set forth in the section - LEVITICUS 18:22
  • There is the belief that everyone is a child of God.

Remember that roman catholics are a DENOMINATION of CHRISTIANITY. This is where they are a branch of the religion and have different viewpoints on different topics than some of the other denominations such as the Evangelical Protestants.

CELIBATE - abstaining from marriage and sexual relationships

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EVANGELICAL - They completely REJECT the idea of homosexuality! They believe it to be a complete SIN through and through!

  • They hold meetings in the attempt of CURING homosexuals
  • Romans (1:26-8) says that those who do the unnateral with people of the same sex will be PUNISHED!
  • They believe that CHRIST can remove all sins, includung homosexuality

LIBERAL - They WELCOME the idea of homosexuality. Even their preists are allowed to be homosexual but must be celibate!

  • Jesus's teachings focus on love, therefore they should be accepted.
  • The Bible just needs to be interpreted with the modern eye.
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This religion is split into different viewpoints.


  • Islam is tolerant
  • All people are of God's creation
  • If people are homosexual, they were born this way, so it was obviously God's intention.


  • It is condemned in the Qur'an and by the prophet Muhammed
  • The only lawful sex is between husband and wife 
  • Sex is for procreation which cannot happen with homosexuals.
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