Changing attitudes to marriage, divorce and family life

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  • Changing attitudes to marriage, divorce and family life
    • 1960's
      • Sex before marriage was regarded as a sin
      • People were expected to marry in church before they were 25
      • Most marriages lasted for a life
      • Most households had a husband, wife and children (nuclear family)
      • Public homosexuals would often hide their sexual orientation because homosexual acts between adult males was a criminal offence
    • How attitudes have changed
      • Most people have sex before marriage
      • Accepted that people live together before marriage (cohabit)
      • Most households are not headed by a married couple
      • The average ages for marriage has increased
      • Divorce is accepted
      • Extended family is becoming more popular as more mothers are in paid employment
      • Single parent families have increased
      • More families are being brought up by cohabiting parents
      • Re-constituted families are growing as more people divorce and re-marry
      • Homosexual sex in private between two consenting adults over 21 was made legal in 1967
      • Homosexual sex is now treated the same as heterosexual sex
      • Civil partnership act 2004 and equal marriage in the UK 2013


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