civil partnerships

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  • "Civil partnerships between same sex couples is wrong"
    • Disagree
      • The Bible passages about homosexuality need to be re-interpreted just as those about women and slaves have been
      • Christian attitudes towards homosexuality should be the same as those towards heterosexuality
      • Homosexuality is not a choice
      • Homosexuality is not a sin and is not to be condemned
      • The Christian belief is tto love and accept which means that homosexuals should be accepted
      • The Bible centres on a message of Jesus' teachings to love one-another and to forgive. So Christians should be more accepting of homosexuals
    • Agree
      • God created Adam for Eve, Eve for Adam. As it says in Genesis 1+2
      • The Catholic Church teaches that homosexuality is unnatural and disorderly
      • It is seen as a non-natural use of bodily organs.
      • No children can come from homosexual relations
      • They must remain celebate
      • They must remain faithful to their partner


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