RE - Believing in God

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The Cosmological Argument


Everything has a cause of its existence
The universe exists
Therefore, the universe has a cause of its existence
If the universe has a cause of its existence then the only possible First Cause of the universe is God, therefore God must exist

The cosmological arguement was created by Thomas Aquinas (Christian monk).

STRENGTHS: Everything has a cause and effect
It can be demonstrated and is easy to understand
God must be uncaused otherwise he would not be the greatest 

WEAKNESSES: Contradicts its own idea that eveything has a cause
Maybe God is not the only explanation

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The Design Argument


There are examples of design in the world, (e.g. Human Body)
If the world shows design, the world must have a designer
The only possible designer of the world could be God
Therefore, the apperance of design in the world, proves that there must be a God

STRENGTHS: Detail and level of design in the world (fibonacci sequence) 
Every design needs a designer

WEAKNESSES: If God is omnibenevolent why are some people blind, natural disasters
If a designed mind made the universe, then how come some things are not perfect

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Religious experiences


The Numinous  - The feeling of a presence greater than you
Why = Experience leaves you in awe that there is a greater presence and that God is real

Miracle - Something which seems to break a law of science and makes you think only God could have done itWhy = Think that God has acted on Earth or direct contact with God. Unable to find a logical explanation leads to God causing the miracle.

Prayer - An attempt, to contact God, usually through wordsWhy = If you feel God is listening to your prayer or if a prayer is answered

Conversion - When your life is changed by giving yourself to God
Why = Feel that God is calling them to do something for him.

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Religious upbringing

Religious Upbringing

Taught how to pray to God = Listens to your prayers, whats the point if God didnt exist (waste of time)
Children sent to Sunday school = Surrounded by belief, learn about God and what Christians believe about him
The sacramet of confirmation = religious experience/ceremony and presence of God through vows and laying on of hands
Children taken to church to worship = Seeing other people praying and worshipping makes you think God must exist as everyone around you + religious place of worship
Going to a church school = God + Christianity would be normal feature of school life and RE lessons teach about God, likely to think so because teachers tell them

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