Catholic Upbringing and Belief in God

Catholic Upbringing and Belief in God 

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Catholic Upbringing and Belief in God

  • Catholics believe that Religion should be taught to their children. 
  • Birth...Baptised.....Godparents promise to raise as Catholic
  • Young Child...Attends Sunday School, Mass, Prents teach prayers and festivals
  • Preteen and Teen...Catholic schools, taught faith in mass and RE, Holy Communion, Sacraments, Reconciliation and Confirmation
  • Roman Catholic believe that raising their child in this way will lead them to believe in God 
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Religious Experience and Belief in God

  • Four types of religious experience
  • Numinous: the feeling that their is something greater than you
  • Conversion Experience: when a person's belief changes from one faith to another or from no faith to believing in God. Other is when someone devotes themselves entirely to God
  • Miracle: Something that breaks the law of science and makes you believe that only God could have done it
  • Prayer: A person's faith can be increased when they pray to God as they feel that someone is listening to them. Their faith can be even stronger if they feel that God has answered their prayers
  • Liberal Miracle: A miracle that requires some faith to begin with.   
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