Quotations from The Bloody Chamber by Angela Carter

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Bloody Chamber

  • "I sensed in myself a potential for corruption"
  • "There is a striking resemblance between the act of love and the ministrations of a torturer."
  • And I longed for him. And he disgusted me."
  • "He in his London tailoring; she, bare as a lamb chop."
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The Courtship of Mr Lyon

  • "And such a one she felt herself to be, Miss Lamb, spotless and sacrificial"
  • "Her tears fell on his face like snow and, under their soft transformation, the bones showed through the pelt"
  • "The crystals of the chandelier tinkled a little, as if emitting a pleased chuckle"
  • "Nothing has passed that way all day; the road is white and unmarked as a spilled bolt of bridal satin"
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Tiger's Bride

  • "I let out a raucous guffaw; no young lady laughs like that!"
  • "Each stroke of his tongue ripped off skin... and left behind a nascent patina of shining hairs."
  • "The lamb must learn to run with the tigers."
  • "This clockwork twin of mine"
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  • "Love is desire sustained by unfulfilment"
  • "An ululation of ballard - singers" 
  • "bloodstains on the sheets"
  • "So may all your wives, if you need them, be rich and pretty"
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The Lady of the House of Love

  • "You are at the place of annihilation"
  • "A white lace neglige stained a little with blood"
  • "He has the special quality of virginity"
  • "In death, she looked... fully human"
  • "red lips... white velvet and black fur"
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Snow Child

  • "A hole in the snow... filled with blood"
  • "She was the child of her desire"
  • "The girl picks a rose; pricks her finger; bleeds; screams; falls"
  • "Midwinter - invincible, immaculate"
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The Erl-King

  • "Erl-King will do you grievous harm"
  • "Mother, mother, you have murdered me!"
  • "There are some eyes can eat you"
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  • "The devil is as real as you or I"
  • "Wreaths of garlic to keep out the vampires"
  • "She prospered"
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Company of Wolves

  • "She stands and moves within the invisible pentacle of her own virginity"
  • "...beast of prey, nocturnal, devestating eyes as red as a wound"
  • "The wolf is carnivore incarnate"
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  • "He will use the holy cross as a scratching post"
  • "Then she began to bleed. Her first blood bewildered her."
  • "Locked half and half between such strange states, an aborted transformation" 
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