Q1a) Digital Technology

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AS examples

1. Final Cut Pro X

Used to edit and work upon our opening sequence and prelim task. Able to upload, favourite clips, add transitions, text. Cut them down for continuity editing, add in filters. Good and resourceful way to edit work. First time introduced to it.

2. Recording camera.

Used on filming day. Able to record scenes. First time using one professionally. Used tripod with it to get steady shots and different angles.

3. Garage Band.

Used to create our own music. Able to use different instruments, easier way to create suitable music for opening sequence and wouldn't need to worry about copyright. Had difficult using it for the first time.

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A2 examples

1. Final Cut Pro X.

Used previous experience, as well as; reversing clips and changing speed of clips. Shows my skill development and increased knowledge.

2. Illustrator.

Used to create my poster and magazine. Able to use layers on top of each other. Creates basic structure of a poster and magazine layout.

3. Photoshop.

Able to remove backgrounds. Tools such as eraser tool and selective tool. First attempt, new skill. Used in real media products.

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