Psychology- The three types of attachment.

There are three types of Attachment proposed by Mary Ainsworth, here they are.

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The three types of attachment.

Mary Ainsworth came up with three types of attachment that children form with their parents.

1. Secure attachment-
when the mother leaves the child, the child gets separation anxiety, they cry and get distressed. when the mother comes back the child seeks comfort from them.

2. Insecure avoidant-
There is no change in the child's behaviour when the mother leaves them, they are not bothered whether she is present or not, therefore the level of attachment is poor.

3. Insecure resistant-
The child does not trust that the mother will constantly be around, so they stay close to the mother. when the mother leaves, the child gets very upset. and when the mother comes back, the child is angry, and tries to push the mother away or cries or avoids contact for a while etc...  

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