introduction to attachement


Introduction to psychology

Define attachements

An attachement is a emotional bond/connection between an infant and a primary caregiver. There are two types of attachments; Interactional synchrony and reciprocity.

Attachments that are reciprical explain attachements between two people. Both the infant and mother elicit a response to each other and respond to each others signals.

Alternatively Interactional synchrony elucidates when both mother and infant reflect the actions and emotions of the other and do this in a coordinated, synchronised manner.


From a babies birth, infants display "alert phases" suggesting the infants need for attention or nurturing. Feldman and Eideman (2007) suggested that mothers two third of the time can identify the baby's alert phase if in need of attention or interaction.

Interactional synchrony

According to Feldman in 2007 interactional synchrony can be defined as "A temporal co-ordination of a micro-level social behaviour". Both the actions and gestures of adult figures/carers is replicated by infant themselves.


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