Campaign for prohibition to be introduced, 'lips that touch liqour shall not touch ours' 

The movement was strong in the south, rural and protestant areas

Prohibition was an amendment to the constitution- 18th

36 states had to agree to it before it was ratified, 3/4 of states needed to agree

You were still able to get alcohol for medicinal purposes- this formed loopholes. it was also allowed for communion

It was only illegal to make or sell it. Thus you could still buy and consume it

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Overview Continued...

There was people who opposed prohibition, which grew during the 1920's

'Dry'- supported the law (deep south)
'Wet'- did not support law (north)- divided society

'Bootlegger'- Someone who produces their own alcohol, they also sometimes smuggled it as well- illegally transporting alcohol

Moonshine- famous homemade alcohol- very potent

Prohibition brought about the biggest era of violence within America within Gangs and Gangsters. Al Capone (Scarface) was a famous gangster

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Overview Continued 2

To get rid of any existing alcohol it was poured away publicly, this also helped with discouraging people from drinking or producing it

Height of enforcement only 3,000 ferderal agents, enforcing the law- not going to work

Coca Cola did really well out of Prohibition and became known as the 'National Temperance Drink'

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The Introduction of Prohibition

1917- Eighteenth Amendment

1919- The Volstead Act

1920- Prohibition enforced across the USA

The Volstead Act defined what alcohol was, anything over 0.5%

Moonshine could be anything up to 80%

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A strange act?

Prohibition was very conservative, different to what else they do. 

Goes against... Individual liberties, the bill of rights, Laissez- Faire

Strange to create a bill/act that goes against these things

Alcohol was also the 7th biggest industry, getting rid of jobs both at alcohol plants and bars. 

Also government can no longer gain taxes from it. 

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Why was Prohibition introduced?

1. A Historic Movement- Even when Britain controlled America some people had wanted prohibition

ASL- Anti-Saloon League- 1895
WCTU- Women Christian Temperance Union

2. Individual States- A lot of states had already banned it, and it was working. Kansas was the first state to ban it

3. Industrialists and Employers- Absenteeism, not productive, Rockefellor gave huge amounts of money to support campaign. Heinz also in support

4. The War- use of grain for bread and to keep soilders alert

5. Prohibition= Patriotism- big brewaries were German or German/American e.g. Budweiser, drinking alcohol was supporting the enemy 

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