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the work The CAR MAN (Bourne 2001) is a full length narrative contemporary dance work set in 1960s america. The arrival of a handsom stranger leads the inhabitants to greed, lust, betrayal and revenge.

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ACTIONS (prologue)

the dancer's actions were bold and strong to show that they are strong men - some of the actions used represent those used by a car mechanic.

the stimulus was a latin piece of music - lots of movement was based on the flamenco 

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SPACE (prologue)

  • lots of travelling
  • lots of different levels
  • the men are in competition with each other
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DYNAMICS (prologue)

  • quick movements portray a busy workplace. 
  • sluggish movements show that the men are tired
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direct correlation is used to show the relationship between Angelo and the other workers and in the workshop the fast pace of the music shows that they are working hard

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  • Angelo: Rita's boyfriend and is portrayed as being weaker than the other dancers 
  • Luca: the drifter, is portrayed as being a trustworthy, likeable bloke

significance of the choice of dancers:

Luca the drifter looks very strong, this contrasts with Dino the garage owner who is podgy. Angelo compared to the other dancers is very weedy looking showing that is weaker than the other dancers. 

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elaborate set with props that fit the time period such as the diner sign, cars and the mechanic stuff

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  • the costumes also match the idea of the time period - denim, white tops etc. 
  • the men changed into casual clothes. The women wore 1950s style dresses - Rita was the only one wearing a patterned one
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the lighting represents the time of day e.g. daylight in the workshop and nighttime in the diner. during the shower scene the lighting came from above 

the change of lighting shows bright sunshine

the weather effects the movements to show the heat - sluggish, weighted

red lighting sets the mood for Luca and Lana's duet. 

the majority of the contact work between them was mainly sexually orientated which foreshaddowed the fact that Lana would cheat on Dino 

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a change of music when Luca the drifter arrived auggested that there is or that there is going to be tension between Lana and Luca. Narative change of music suggests a change of atmosphere

the dynamics change to show the difference in the day and the weather - the movements are slow to show how hot the weather is

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