Producing a Salt

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Acid + Alkali --> Water + Salt

1. 25cm of Acid in beaker, Place on white tile, Add universal indicator

2. Fill a burette with Alkali, Record starting volume

3. Add the Alkali to the Acid dropwise

4. When the Acid changes to green stop, Record final volume

5. Work out how much Alkali was used

6. Repeat without universal indicator if necessary

7. Saturate and evaporate the salt

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Base + Acid --> Water + Salt

1. Add 25cm of Acid to a beaker

2. Add excess Base 

3. Swirl to mix

4. Warm gently for 30 seconds then take away heat

5. Filter the mixture

6. Saturate and evapourate the salt

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Saturating and Evaporating the Salt

1. Put solution in evapourating dish heat for 30 seconds

2. Leave in a warm place to evapourate

3. Collect the salts

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