Chemistry - Acids, Alkalis and salts

These cards give a brief overview to the acids, alkalis and salts section.


Acids and alkalis

- Acids are substances which produce H+ ions when we add them to water.

- Bases are substances that will neutralise acids.

- An alkali is a soluble base. Alkalis produce OH- ions when we add them to water.

- We use the pH scale to show how acidic or alkaline a solution is.


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Making salts from metals or bases

- When we react an acid with a base a neutralisation reaction occurs.

- The reaction between an acid and a base produces salt and water.

- Salts can also be made by reacting a metal with an acid. This reaction also produces hydrogen gas as well as a salt.

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Making salts from solutions

- An indicator is needed when we produce a salt by reacting an alkali with an acid to make a soluble salt.

- Insoluble salts can be made by reacting two solutions to produce a precipitate.

- Precipitation is an important way of removing some substances from wastewater.

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