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On my first sonne, Ben Jonson

THEMES: death, parent- hood, father-son love.

COMPARE TO: before you were mine,


"joy" son was his joy

"my sinne was too much hope of thee" he is blaming himself, saying he put too much hope in his son for growing up, did not prepare himself for the death. lots of men want to be fathers but he doesbnt atm because the pain is too much

"scap'd worlds, and fleshes rage" son escaped all the bad things in the world.

"loose all father for now" wants to loose father emotions so he can loose pain for now

"seven yeers tho'wert lent to me" saying god lent him his son for 7 years

rhyming couplets.

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The Song of the Old Mother

THEMES: Hard work, no satisfaction in life just work. mothers not appreciated.


"I rise in the dawn" always working

"must" imperitive, dont have a choice

"Fire, Flicker" repetition emphisises lots to do

"and".."and" repeted to emphise always working

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