GCSE English - form of poems (PL/DM)

The form of poems, which are personal Lyrics (PL) and which are Dramatic Monologues (DM).

This are only on the poems i have studied, i have not studied all the poems in the Anthology.

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Dramatic Monologues (DM)

Dramatic Monologue Poem is a poem which has characters made up - may be based around a real matter but is still a DM.

Armitage: Kid, Hitcher, November,

Duffy: Havisham, Stealing, Anne Hatheway, Salome,

Pre 1914: The Laboratory, My Last Duchess, The song of the Old Mother, The Man He Killed,

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Personal Lyrics (PL)

A Personal Lyric poem is the writer is the I voice (characters are not made up!)

Armitage: Mother Any Distance, Homecoming, My father thought it bloody queer,

Duffy: Before you were mine

Pre 1914: Sonnet 130, on my first Sonne, Tichborne's Elegy,

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