Practical Investigations

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2 strengths of the questionaire method??

1. Can collect large amounts of data quickly

2. Easy to score - lots of quantative data

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2 weaknesses of questionnaires?

1. demand characteristics- please the experimenter!

2. difficult to replicate as mood, time of day and situation affect answers.

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Outline one ethical issue that should be considere

Consent- when conducting a questionnaire, the participant should not be forced to take part!

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What is meant by reliability?

The extent to which the questionnaire can be repeated and same results obtained!

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How can you ensure that the questionnaire is relia

Higher control- such as same time of day/place/instructions/weather

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What is meant by validity

The extent to which your measuring what you intend to measure!

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How can you ensure that the questionnaire was vali

Filler questions to diguise the aim and prevent demand characteristics!

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Outline 2 improvements that could be made to your

1. Using a Yes/No scale instead of 1-5 scale

2. A space for participants to explain their answers after each question

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Suggest how each improvement would affect the reul

1. Yes/No gives a more definite answer- its more objective!

2.qualatative data could be collected as well as quantative- this gives meaning of the results!

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Any other improvements?

1. random sample,a range of ages and more controls!

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What sample was used to conduct the questionnaires

Opportunity Sample of participants available in the Portsmouth College canteen at the time! aged 16-18!

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State a strength and a weakness of an opportunity

Strength- a lot of data can be collected!

weakness- Not representative!

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