Powers of the Police Force


Stop & Search

  • A police officer may stop and search ANY person or vehicle for stolen items or prohibited articles e.g. illegal drugs
  • However they must have 'reasonable grounds' for suspecting that they will find said items
  • They cannot simple search whoever they wish
  • Discrimination etc.have been issues in the past with police Stop & Search powers
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  • The police have the power to arrest someone as long as the individual is involved in commiting or is attempting to commit a criminal offence
  • The arrest is subject to STRICT provisions - the individual must be informed that they are under restraint and the police must not use more force than necessary. The suspect must be told why they are being arrested.
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Entry, Search & Seizure

  • Typically, a warrant is required in order to enter and search premises
  • This will be awarded providing that there are reasonable ground for believing that either:
    a) A criminal offence has been committed, or that
    b) There is material on the premises likely to be valuable to a criminal investigation
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