Pompeii: Temples

  • Temple of Isis
  • Temple of Jupiter
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Temple of Jupiter Plan

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Temple of Jupiter Facts

  • Prominent position, head of the forum
    • suggest it's importance 
  • Temple of the Capitoline Triad was important as there was one in everyRoman run town
    • It shows allegiance to the Roman Empire and the power of the Roman state religion
      • the Capitoline hills surround Rome
    • Also that they're in charge (prevents uprisings)
  • Dedicated to Jupiter, Juno and Minerva
  • Bust of Jupiter on a platform
  • Altar with double flight of stairs
  • Only priests were allowed inside
    • exclusivity
  • Through two arches you could clearly see Mount Vesuvius
  • Still had some repairs needed from the earthquake
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Temple of Isis Plan

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Temple of Isis Facts

  • Dedicated to the Egyptian goddess Isis
    • Visited mainly by women, freedmen, and slaves
    • Isis was a compassionate goddess, she offered salvation and a relationship through life and death
  • Located near to the Large Theatre
  • The original building was badly damaged in the earthquake of 62 AD
    • it was the only temple completely repaired and built up - shows it's importance
    • It was reconstructed in the honour of a 6 year old boy by his father, a freedman, Numerius
      • so his son could enter elite society
  • Had high walls
    • shows exclusivity and secretiveness
  • Many of the scenes from the temple are recreated in the homes of Pompeians
    • gives us a scope of how many visited the temple
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