How Typical is the House of Octavius Quartio (Loreius Tiburtinus)

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How “typical” is the house of Octavius Quartio (or Loreius Tiburtinus)

The house of Octavius Quartio is typical in that it has two Taberna (shops) at the front which can be seen in many Pompeian houses. It also has an atrium with an impluvium surrounded by cubiculum. Rooms 4 and 5 could also be cubiculum but they may also have been Ala (waiting rooms) as seen in other houses. However, this may not be the case because there is no clear Tablinum (study) which we would usually expect to find between the Atrium and the Hortus/Peristyle Garden. Speaking of which, the garden of this house is very unusual, it contains a very small temple (sacellum) at


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